Beauty Brother


We Will Turn sad glam Days Into Glad glam Days

Whether you are looking for a simple polished soft glam look or something more dramatic, we are sure that we will add our signature style and create a customized look for every occasion.

makeup is art. beauty is spirit.

We are available for weddings, events, prom, hands on training, photo shoots, and more. At Beauty Brother, we believe in investing in the best quality products to ensure that you have an exceptional experience and feel like a celebrity.

caleb machado

Makeup Artist

hi, I'm Caleb!

I was born and raised in northwest Arkansas into a close minded small town.

I would always find myself becoming engulfed with curiosity of what could be created with just a few of my moms old eyeshadow colors and my imagination.

Unfortunately, there was a lot of confusion that came with this desire to create. The question of why makeup out of all things arose. This was an ongoing battle, but luckily I had my family as a very grounding support system, and played a big part with finding my place in this beauty space.

After relocating to south Florida I really was able to find myself. Being able to display my craft for all to witness created this aliveness that made me want to do more in terms of makeup and nails. On top of it all, the positive feedback I received made me feel safe and secure with myself as well as my art work.

It was then when I started doing peoples makeup or nails and seeing the light that radiated from them confident with the way they looked that I knew this was what I wanted to do.

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